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Updated: Feb 9, 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Clay County Board of Commissioners negotiates air ambulance agreement with AirMedCare, now ensuring coverage of all residents by both air ambulances serving Clay County.

The Clay County Board of Commissioners initially approved an Air Methods Advantage Membership Agreement at a special meeting on Friday, April 20, 2018 as a means to provide an extension of our Emergency Medical Services to the citizens of Clay County. This agreement with Air Methods continues to be in place today.

In fact, during the February 6, 2020 meeting of the Clay County Board of Commissioners, a mid-term report was provided by Marcus Lindsey, Account Executive with Air Methods Corporation, Air Life Georgia. The report dealt with our county’s Air Methods Community Partnership to provide medically necessary air medical transportation services to county residents and their respective household members at no additional out of pocket expense. There were 56 total air transports from June 1, 2019 through January 26, 2020. The amount saved by citizens on these services was $197,069.75. The cost to the county to cover these air transports was just under $12k. Air Methods Community Partnership (current model) annual cap amount is set at $26,587.50.

Air Methods is one of two air medical transport providers serving Clay County, with the other being Life Force Air Medical, owned and operated by Erlanger Health System. Life Force is affiliated with the AirMedCare Network. We have been actively pursuing a similar agreement for nearly two years with AirMedCare to ensure all citizens are covered regardless of the air ambulance service utilized.

After much negotiation, the BOCs at Thursday’s meeting unanimously agreed to enter into an agreement with AirMedCare which covers residents who are transferred from a pickup location in Clay, Cherokee, Towns or Union County for a cost to the county of $27,199.14. If not insured, residents will be billed at the “Medicare Allowable Rate”, a significant savings from the average cost of 30-50k+ per flight.

While these agreements are not apples to apples, both offer significant enhancements to our emergency services at substantial savings to our citizens. We are extremely thankful for the opportunity to offer Clay County residents this service. The Clay County Board of Commissioners remain committed to expanding access to emergency, primary and specialty care to our communities.

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