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COMING SOON: New State of the Art 911 Telecommunications Center

New State of the Art 911 Telecommunications Center

Pictured below is an early schematic drawing of Clay County's soon to be constructed 911 Facility. Clay County received a $2.5M state 911 grant and an additional $2M from state legislatures, spearheaded by Senator Kevin Corbin and Representative Karl Gillespie. The new project, to be located on Courthouse Drive, will replace the current 650 square foot space with a nearly 4500 sq ft, highly secured facility which includes a fully equipped state of the art control center, with office, classroom and training space.

The 911 Telecommunications is the primary source of citizens' connection to first responders in an emergency. As such, providing them with the proper facilities and equipment to perform their jobs is imperative. The site is currently being surveyed and new architectural renderings will soon be forthcoming to match the aesthetics of the other county buildings on Courthouse Drive. Leadership and staff have worked hard to facilitate these funding opportunities, minimizing local dollars as we continue to invest in our public safety facilities and departments. We expect the project to go out to bid within the next few months.

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